On the occasion of his being named a 2009 Guggenheim Fellow, Worth was asked to make a statement about his work. He wrote:

"Victoria’s Secret did a fashion shoot in my neighborhood recently. A crowd gathered, and a forest of single arms rose up, each holding an iphone or digital camera. Only one person present--the supermodel-- was not a photographer. Twenty years ago, we thought photography was already ubiquitous. But in fact, we’re living through a new immersion, akin to the first one of the 1850s. For painting, what does this new immersion mean? More reasons for pessimism, of course. More reasons to indulge our favorite fatalist fantasy, that we are living in painting’s dusk, a last twilit hour. What could be more motivating than that?"

For a complete biography, please download the PDF.


Joyce Kozloff with Alexi Worth
April 16, 2015 at DC Moore Gallery

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