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Gazing at the Blue Haze, 2017-2018, Acrylic on wood

Gazing at the Blue Haze, 2017-2018

Acrylic on wood

48 x 42 inches


A Touch After a Touch, 2015, Acrylic on wood

A Touch After a Touch, 2015

Acrylic on wood

20 x 16 inches

The Fountain of Perpetual Silence, 2018, Acrylic on wood

The Fountain of Perpetual Silence, 2018

Acrylic on wood

20 x 20 inches


Major to Minor, 2014-2015, Acrylic on wood

Major to Minor, 2014-2015

Acrylic on wood

16 x 16 inches

Unlimited Touch, 2017

Unlimited Touch, 2017
Acrylic on panel
40 x 40 in.

An Ideal Place, 2016, Gouache on paper

An Ideal Place, 2016

Gouache on paper

17 x 14 inches

After All, 2015, Gouache on paper

After All, 2015

Gouache on paper

16 x 12 inches

Whispering The Wisdom, 201, Gouache on paper

Whispering The Wisdom, 201

Gouache on paper

9 x 7 inches

Dipped in Time, 2018, Graphite on paper

Dipped in Time, 2018

Graphite on paper

14 x 11 inches


Lust and Delight, 2017, Graphite on paper

Lust and Delight, 2017

Graphite on paper

17 x 14 inches

A Touch, 2015, Pencil on paper

A Touch, 2015

Pencil on paper

13 3/8 x 11 inches

A Green Touch, 2018, Colored pencil on paper

A Green Touch, 2018

Colored pencil on paper

14 x 11 inches

To The Deeper Rituals, 2018, Pencil on paper

To The Deeper Rituals, 2018

Pencil on paper

14 x 11 inches

Where To? What Next, 2017, Pencil on paper

Where To? What Next, 2017

Pencil on paper

24 x 18 inches

Press Release

Katia Santibañez’s work utilizes grid structures to examine the intricacies and minutiae of organic forms. Beginning with a grid, she approaches the canvas precisely and allows every inch to have its own expressive quality. Santibañez examines how objects of nature can be structured to magnify a canvas. Layers of sharp, kaleidoscopic patterns come together to create hypnotic, yet tranquil abstract canvases. There is a vibrancy reflected through the order. She draws individual shapes resembling leaves, flower petals, or shells onto a grid, and continually repeats the shape, slightly shifting the position to create a mesh of crisp, angular forms. Each shape is then filled in with paint, which develops into an intuitive process for the artist, deciding the colors as she goes. The meticulous layers transform, through color, into something deep and mesmerizing. The mixture of a rigid formal base with swirling swaths of color leads viewers to contemplate each component as its own entity while simultaneously absorbing how they come together as a whole.

Katia Santibañez is an American, born in France. She studied painting at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts. This is her first show at DC Moore Gallery. She has been in residencies at Yaddo, NY; Casa Wabi, Mexico; The Albers Foundation, CT; Sitka, OR; and Civitella Ranieri, Italy. Her work has been collected internationally and is in both private and public collections including The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, The Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, and The Morgan Library and Museum.

This exhibition is on view concurrently with Robert Kushner: Reverie: Dupatta-topia.

For more information, for photographs, or to arrange a viewing, please call 212-247-2111 or email Sabeena Khosla at

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