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Theresa Daddezio - Artists - DC Moore Gallery

Using the metaphor of a body as a container, Theresa Daddezio explores notions of consciousness, fragility, and sexuality within a language of painting and its history of abstraction. Through an embodied concept of time and place, she creates optical undulations of flatness, depth, vibrancy, and subtlety. The paintings share a compressed visual environment where shapes take near identifiable forms in a fleeting taxonomy of spatial and textural obfuscation that transforms marks into resemblances of flora, vessels, and earthen strata. These forms, evoking interior physiological spaces, areas of texture, and flattened color, heighten a disassociation of visual sensation. Commingling earthen tones contrast with synthetic palettes complicate a natural and artificial physicality. Focusing on these spatial and chromatic negations, Daddezio constructs an emergent and psychological site - manifestations of sensual experience - where the tangibility of the present entangles layers of memory.

Daddezio is an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. She received an MFA from Hunter College in Visual Art and BFA at Purchase College in Painting and Drawing. Her selected exhibitions include Altum Corpus, DC Moore Gallery, New York, NY; Carbonara Sunrise, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; A Mind of Their Own, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Three, DC Moore Gallery, New York, NY; Known: Unknown, New York Studio School, New York, NYC; Abstraction in the 21st Century, the University of Hawai’i, Manoa; Rhythms, Rhymes, Repetitions, Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan. Her work has been featured in Art Maze, Hyperallergic, The Queens Ledger, Bushwick Daily, and The L Magazine. Her paintings were recently included in Phong Bui’s Curator’s Pick at Artfare, as well as featured in MAAKE Mag and Coastal Post. She participated in the Wassaic Residency Project in upstate NY.

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